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Thank you for visiting our website! 
We are so 
honored that you have stopped by!
We hope that you find a piece that speaks to you.  If that is marked sold, we will custom make you a piece like the design that you want.  Remember, each piece is unique.  There will be differences, so that no one else has a design exac
tly like yours. 

We proudly use Argentium Fine Silver.  Argentium is known for being brighter, whiter, tarnish/fire-scale resistant, and hypoallergenic.  Contrary to popular belief, Argentium silver is NOT a Sterling silver as some people list on the internet.  Argentium has a silver grade of 940 and 960 purity levels.  We have information on Argentium under the jewelry description.  

We also are very proud of our AAA Kingman Turquoise line of Jewelry!  AAA Kingman Turquoise is some of the finest and most expensive turquoise in the world. 
We see Jewelry listed on the internet all the time, as AAA Kingman turquoise.  However, due to the cost of the Carat, and the workmanship of the jewelry, the cheap price of the piece begs to differ!  
Buyer BEWARE!       

Please check out our new prices and sales!

Feel free to contact us at 
for any questions.


D2Designs and Jewelry
is licensed with
Argentium  International Fine Silver
and belongs to a worldwide family of companies and artisans committed to excellence. 

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AAA High Grade Kingman Turquoise Jewelry

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