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AAA High Grade Kingman Turquoise

According to Durango Silver Company who deals specifically with High Grade AAA and Ultra High Turquoise and their Turquoise education page:

“…Turquoise was one of the first gemstones found on earth by ancient Egyptians over 7,500 years ago. It has been coveted by Kings, Queens, Pharaoh's, Medicine Men, Spiritual Leaders and many cultures worldwide since its discovery. High Grade Turquoise was found in Egypt, Persia, China, and North America, however, only a small percentage of the Turquoise found has been high grade Turquoise..."


Ultra-High Grade Turquoise is rich in color and is a 5 or higher in hardness on the Mohs' scale. Super High-Grade Turquoise does not need to be treated or enhanced in any way to be used in Jewelry and it is a very durable gemstone that will naturally be stable forever if it is taken care of and is in a stable environment. This grade of Turquoise is given the grade names AAA and in the rarest occasion an even higher grade of AAAA.

High Grade Turquoise has been recognized most recently as a very valuable gemstone by important collectors globally and Japanese investors have been paying record prices for the highest High-Grade Turquoise. Due to evolving mining restrictions and the cost of mining most all the Turquoise Mines in the USA have been closed. There are only three major Turquoise Mines in the U.S. still in production, the Kingman Turquoise Mine and the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine and the Royston Turquoise mine. The Chinese Government has now closed all Turquoise Mining and has put a 3–5-year moratorium on Turquoise Mining in China, Turquoise from Iran (Persian Turquoise) is taboo and is rarely seen on the market due to many factors including political term oil. Egyptian Turquoise is nearly extinct. The bottom line is Turquoise is one of the top ten most popular gemstones in the world today and we are running out of it.

As I said, there is only a small portion of high-grade Turquoise from what is being mined. Authentic Turquoise and especially High-Grade Turquoise is about to go through the roof in value and authentic natural high Grade will become even more precious. In the future High Grade Turquoise jewelry will be out of range for the common consumer, so now is the time to invest in High Grade Turquoise jewelry…”



**From Durango Silver Company Education page (please visit their website!  Beautiful Artisans and High Grade Kingman Turquoise.)**

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