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This amazing piece has a beautiful fauceted diamond shaped, Arkansas clear quartz crystal.  Caged in sparkle wire Argentium Fine Silver.  What a beautiful combination!  Bright Shiny silver, with a clear bright stone...just like a star!  From Bail to tip is over 3.5 cm in length, and 1.5 cm in width.

Caged Star

SKU: DJ-332
  • Argentium Silver is known for being brighter whiter, tarnish, fire-scale resistant and hypoallergenic!  It is NOT a Sterling Silver.  Argentium is purer than sterling, and more durable.  It is a Fine Silver.  A lot of people get this wrong or confuse Argentium with Sterling Silver.  We proudly mark all our silver with the Winged Unicorn; the logo of Argentium International Fine Silver.

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