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"...Jewelry is art that you can wear!..."

Showing off tumbled Stones
Scott Hughes Digging for hour glass Crystals in Oklahoma
Deena Hughes Digging for Crystals on Crystal Vista in Mena Arkansas

Scott Hughes

Deena Hughes

"...When words aren’t enough to express what is on your mind, our selection of stunning jewelry can help do the trick. Each design is handcrafted to perfection so that when you select your dream piece, you know that it will last forever. Whether you are purchasing for yourself or a special someone, you’re sure to find what your heart desires at D2Designs and Jewelry..."

Scott & Deena Hughes

Scott Hughes Stone Cutter, cabber, and jewelry designer
Deena Hughes Silversmith of D2Designs and Jewelry

"...Family is so important to us, and we have a huge, combined family. We are inspired by each and every one of our children and extended family members... 

Meet Our Family...

Three Generations of beautiful Girls in the D2Designs and Jewelry Family!
Scott's Daughter and her family
Scott Hughes Family
Rachel, Deena Hughe's Daughter
Griffith Hughes, Scott Hughes Son
Deena Hughes and her beautiful daughters!
Deena's first born beautiful daughter expecting her first child!
Hey Mom!
Deena Hughes and her son Jacob Kankey
Scott's daughter, and her children!

 Jewelry Designer, and Silversmith of Chickasaw decent

Based in Texas

Who doesn’t love to finish off an outfit with a piece of jewelry that matches perfectly with what you are wearing? Sometimes, the piece speaks to you so much that you buy the clothes to match the jewelry.


Jewelry is an eclectic piece of iconography that expresses who you are. Jewelry can tell a story, be sentimental, or share a sentiment. It is as personal as a diary. It can make you feel sexy and feminine, or as bold and confident as you need to be. Jewelry is art that you can wear!​​

My husband and I work well together in our business.  We both mine and dig most of the stones that we have.  He cuts, shapes, and cabs the stones.  Then he gives them to me to design the final piece of wearable art! 


All of my pieces are one-of-a-kind!  That means that there is not another piece of jewelry out there just like yours.  If someone wants a style similar to another piece of jewelry, the stone will be different, there will be other differences.  Each stone speaks to me and usually causes different outcomes in the final product.

Scott and I use the most beautiful stones, semi-precious stones, and precious stones.  We use Argentium Fine Silver (.960) with all of our designs.  Argentium Fine Silver does not tarnish easily, it has more silver than Sterling, and retains the bright white look of White Gold. We proudly display the Winged Unicorn mark on all Argentium Fine Silver Jewelry.


All of our pieces have information on the stone used, where it came from, and how to care for our jewelry.  I try to reflect my Native American heritage in each piece of jewelry that I make.  Bringing to life the stories that my grandmother told me about my family, and the homeland where my great, great grandmother and grandmother's mother was born in Chickasaw county, Mississippi. 

Our family was one of the last of the families of the Chickasaw Nation to move because of the great migration.

Scott and I have been married for 4 years.  However, we have known each other for 50 years, having met in 3rd grade!  I am the proud mother of three; two girls and one boy.  Along the way, I have included their partners, and their children (whom I also consider my children and grandchildren). 


Scott has a daughter and one son.  Scott's daughter has children and grandchildren.  So, we have a very large family including our three dogs, and one cat, and we love each and every one of them!  (I do make custom jewelry for pets and their owners!) But that is another story!  Stay Tuned!


 We live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, and we are very active in our community, with our friends, childhood friends, and with our church.  We travel extensively to find the perfect stone, that will make that perfect piece of jewelry!  We hope that you find a piece that speaks to you, and that you are just as proud of it, as I was making it for you!  Keep checking back for more information on our YouTube channel!


​Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want information on one of our one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, or you would like a custom piece made.

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